Expert Jewelry Repair & Careful Cleaning

We have repaired and restored countless pieces of jewelry during our 30 years in Richmond and often fix pieces that other stores won’t touch.  Bring us your well-loved, worn, broken, and precious heirlooms and we’ll do our best to restore them to their original glory.

Do you wear jewelry often?  Protect your investments – periodic inspection, cleaning and repair ensures your work of art will last a lifetime.  Trust the professionals at Dransfield Jewelers to provide competent, friendly, in-house service at reasonable prices.  We recommend at least a professional annual inspection and cleaning for frequently worn jewelry.

Some of the many services we provide are:

  • Inspection – To detect potential problems not normally visible
  • Polishing – To minimize nicks and scratches, maintain sheen
  • Cleaning – To remove debris and buildup on gemstones and metal retaining sparkle
  • Sizing – Rings (both ½ and full-shank replacement), bracelets, and watch bands
  • Repairs – If it is broken we can probably fix it
  • Matching – Lost an earring?  We can often make a match.

Pricing varies, depending on the degree of service required.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 804-643-0171, fill out our handy contact form, or visit our store on Cary Street.

Jewelry Repair Richmond