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In addition to Dransfield Jewelers’ in-house designers, our shop carries a variety of collections that change throughout the year.  You can always count on a unique array of choices when you visit Dransfield Jewelers.


Nelly Cohen

Nelly Cohen is a contemporary Israeli designer. Her jewelry is influenced by ancient traditions of Israel with modern twists.


David Urso

David Urso’s jewelry is highly sophisticated, and handcrafted. The designs vary in sensual organic shapes and vibrant, earthy colors.


Elise Moran

EAM designs are inspired by nature’s perfect design. EAM designs include refined, delicate pieces that encapsulate a love for nature, art & symbolism.


Jungwhon Joo

Vibrantly crafted jewelry in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your personal style. Jungwhon Joo crafts jewelry with enamel and fused glass on metal.

Keith Lewis Studio

Keith Lewis

Keith Lewis makes finished jewelry from  materials, textures and surprises found in nature. His use of natural materials within each piece helps his jewelry capture the essence of beauty from nature.


Susan Kinzig

Kinzig Designs was founded in San Francisco in 1987 by Susan Kinzig, a self-taught jeweler. Her designs can be found in galleries, boutiques and museum gift shops.


Michael Schofield

Michael Scofields and CO. features fine handcrafted jewelry from around the world. His jewelry is inspired by the historic importance placed on ornamentation, precious metals, and beautiful gemstones.

Nicolette Absil

Nicolette Absil

Nicolette Absil’s jewelry focuses on the ancient art of fusing glass to metal, in a more contemporary manner with nature serving as the main inspiration.

Stephen Estelle

Stephen Estelle

Stephen Estelle produces the world’s finest jewelry that is hand-fabricated from start to finish. Producing each piece one by one to give you a fresh, vibrant, and modern pieces.

Venetti Logo


Venetti gives you meticulous hand-crafted pieces, designed in the United States of America. Their jewelers craft pieces that can only be found with Venetti, transforming the symbol of someones love.