Protect Your Investment with an Appraisal

Nothing is worse than having something valuable stolen or lost, especially if it is irreplaceable. No amount of money can bring back a family heirloom or one of a kind piece of jewelry. An up to date, accurate appraisal can soften the blow.

At Dransfield Jewelers, we offer an appraisal service. We will thoroughly inspect each piece and provide a fair market replacement value based on the current metal and gemstone market. We provide two signed and dated copies for you, one for your insurance company and one for your personal record. We maintain a hard and electronic copy on premises and are always happy to make additional copies as needed.

We suggest following most insurance companies’ recommendation to have your appraisal updated every five years.

Pricing varies, depending on the the number of pieces, starting at $85. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us at 804-643-0171, email, or visit our store on Cary Street.

Jewelry Appraisal Richmond